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Christian Recovery Center

At Adult & Teen Challenge, North Dakota you will find the time and space to experience God’s grace.

Adult & Teen Challenge Centers across the US and around the world offer benefits differing from other types of treatment programs. 

Those who participate in our centers are not identified as clients or residents.  We refer to them as students as they are studying and learning a new way to live.

As students enter our controlled environment, devoid of the toxic relationships, chaos, and substances that have so destroyed them, they find themselves enveloped by a welcoming, supportive Christian community.

Students are mentored by other students and staff who have walked a similar path.

They understand the struggle and the hope of freedom.

The long-term aspect of the program offers students time for reflection, healing, and time to let go of destructive habits while forming new ones.  

Chapel services, classes, local church services, and daily devotions offer the student the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Each student is expected to participate in work programs designed to teach a positive work ethic, responsibility, and pride in a job well-done.  This also develops job ready skills and confidence for students who may be lacking these due to long-term substance abuse.  There are many opportunities for students to participate in community volunteer programs.  These also help students gain skill as well as create positive partnerships between Adult & Teen Challenge, North Dakota and the community as a whole.

our emphasis

The primary and most important difference between recovery programs and Adult & Teen Challenge, North Dakota’s long –term residential program is our emphasis on cultivating an atmosphere where a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can be developed.  Adult & Teen Challenge, North Dakota realizes that substance abuse is more likely a symptom of much deeper wounds and other life-controlling issues.  These issues all represent a broken person urgently needing compassionate, holistic, and empowering help.

Does it work? 

According to statistics derived from our 200 centers across the nation 90% of graduates are maintaining stable employment and 100% report obtaining an improvement in their employment situations.  70% of Teen Challenge Graduates across the USA reported no relapses of alcohol or drug abuse and have maintained total sobriety!

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