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About the Program

Adult & Teen Challenge, North Dakota is a residential, faith-based drug and alcohol recovery program.

The Life Care curriculum provides students with a supportive environment, Biblical principles, and individualized courses of learning necessary for gaining freedom and lasting recovery from substance abuse and the life-controlling problems associated with it. Life Care consists of four graduated levels which focus on spiritual and emotional wellness.  Students will spend a minimum of 12 months working through these levels.

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How it Works

Level One (12 weeks) - Recovery

Students attend classes that emphasize, recognize, and change destructive thoughts and beliefs. They learn about the basic needs of humans and how unmet needs, tragedies, and hurts can leave us vulnerable to the idea that drugs and alcohol can help. Then they learn the positive tools that equip them to deal with life’s difficulties rather than masking the pain behind substance abuse. 

Level Two (12 weeks) - Renewal

Students participate in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual work that it takes to heal the wounds of past failures, broken relationships, and spiritual deceptions. They also identify distortions that are often at the root of chemical addiction.


Students learn more about God’s design and how to enter into a future that is free from the oppression of old wounds.  This new knowledge creates a solid foundation for the future as they learn to identify and utilize their unique gifts and talents.

Level Four (12 weeks) - Transition

Students begin taking practical steps toward putting what they’ve learned into action by securing employment and housing, participating in effective management of their time and resources, and by learning how to become leaders who give back to their families and communities.

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Adult & Teen Challenge, North Dakota Choir and Music Therapy Program

All students are given the opportunity to be part of the choir.

They learn team building skills, what it means to participate in a group and how to perform in a community setting.  This exposes the students to an activity most have never experienced before and develops a new confidence in their ability to learn new skills. 

Besides singing and choir practice, students are given the opportunity to take guitar lessons from a master teacher/volunteer.  Guitars are provided for use while in the program.  Students will have the chance to perform instrumental pieces for different occasions.

Re-entry (6 months or as needed)

The purpose of the re-entry program is to help the graduate make a smooth and effective transition back into their community.  Students may stay on site while employed in an effort to build up savings for future needs. Regular counseling, mentoring and other forms of guidance necessary for continued growth are available to the graduate. Assistance in becoming established in local churches and other accountability groups is also provided during this time.

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